Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Blog :( Empowering Education: Ira Shor; Extended Comments

For this blog I would like to use Ashley's A. blog and Hannah Blog as well! As I was reading there blogs many different points stuck in my head about the reading.  While reading this article I believe that Shor argument is that there are different ways to involved in school through communication.  I thought that the ideas in the article were very interesting and were ver effective to me. Shor mainly feels in his piece that "education is political".

In Ashley's blog she states this, "How are students going to learn to communicate?” In essence, Shor believes in a curriculum “that encourages student questioning…Empowering Education is a key to effective education because it initiates “social change.” (2)."  I believe that Shor wants us to understand population of the students as Ashley mentions.  This quote stood out to me as well because it made me understand what he was trying to say in this article.  I think that Show states that he needs to teacher to be motivated just like the students should be and they should participate in discussion and interact.  Ashley also bring up some really good questions in her blog about out service learning and what techniques we will imply on our students when teachers.  Those questions were really great! I would like to know what everyone else techniques.  Of course we have not taken methods classes yet but when we start it would be great to figure out what techniques we can use in out classrooms.

In Hannah's blogs she states this,"Shor argues that if just focus on trying to get kids to learn information that we as educators are missing the boat when it comes to educating children as we are missing a large aspect of the educational purpose".  She also states a story about her math class.  When I was little we would always have to learn about noun and pronouns, adverbs and verb.  It wasn't until my junior year of high school when one of my teacher actually sat down with our class and went over them with us.  I could not believe that all that time we were just learn words and not understand how they can be used in sentences.  Sounds stupid but true.  I can see it in my service learning as well.  When I am going over fractions they don't understand why the answer is what it is, they just know it is the right answer.  Teacher I think should spend more time in teaching these kids the "why" and not the "what" factor.

Point to Share: First of all I am very sad this is the last blog and I am a little late.  Second I would really like to think what everyone else thought about the reading and what they think they could do in there classrooms to make this process smother.     

    *I think this video sums up everything that we have been talking about in this class!*


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