Sunday, April 14, 2013

Citizenship in School by Christopher Kliewer: Hyperlinks

When I finished reading Christopher Kliewer, Schooling Children with Down Syndrome I could not believe how much I loved this reading.  It is probably one of my favorite reading that we have read in a while!  In the reading, Kliewer talks about working in schools with children that have down syndrome and what type of schoolings there are besides special education schooling.  The article started talking about a woman named Mia Perterson who has down syndrome, and she states “I stated to notice that I didn’t like the classes I was talking called special education, I had to go through special ed. almost all my life.  I wanted to take other classes that interested me.  I had never felt so make, I want to cry”(Perterson, 1994, p.6).  I found that so interesting and such a awesome quote to start off the reading with.  Mia has shown the world to not judge people with down syndrome because they can succeed! During the reading Kliewer talks about a school called Shoshone School where children with special needs can go.  As I was researching this school I found out that another name for this type of schooling is called mainstreaming. One of the teachers in the Shayne Robbins proved to us in this reading that these kids with down syndrome can learn just like kids with out disabilities.

*Here is a video I found about the school that is featured in the reading with Shayne Robbins*

Many parents will do whatever they want to make there children happy weather they have a disability or not and weather it has to do with schooling or not.  I found this article that talks about a mom that was trying to find a new way to school her child with down syndrome.  There are so many ideas that they can do so that these children with down syndrome can get a great education and get involved with the community.  The community must except that everyone is not the same so they do not judge these children. 

Points to share:

I would like to say that the idea of having mainstreaming schools is a great idea for children with down syndrome and with disabilities.  They can have a great experience with learning social skills and educational skills.  I think that this was such a great article.  I could probably talk about this for hours because I love kids with down syndrome they have such a great perceptive on life.       


  1. Hey Torie! Great blog this week! I totally agree with you that mainstreaming schools for children with down syndrome is a great idea. I did hyperlinks for my post as well and found that most children with this disability just want to live normal lives. They want to do what they feel they are capable of and do not want any less just because they have down syndrome.

  2. I agree that students should be mixed together. However I feel that it is important to point out that teachers then have the important responsibility to create a curriculum that allows each student to reach and learn at their highest potential.

  3. Hi Torie,

    Its nice how you emphasized that children with Down Syndrome are capable to have a successful education. People cannot truly grasp living with Down Syndrome unless they have experienced it first hand. It is helpful to see videos and hear stories about these children who are truly gifted, despite their health situation.