Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Herbert Kohl: I Don't Want to Learn from You

So as I mentioned in the prezi I have student that does not ever want to learn form me.  Every week I go in to my 4th grade class and they always work on NECAP test prep. My kids never want to learn about this test because all they do is test al day.  I have one kid that always throws a temper tantrum.  This do not only happen when I am in groups with them.  When my teacher tries to teach them something, there is always one student that will not learn from my teacher.  Weather the teacher made them mad, or the teacher made them do something they did not want to do, there is always a kid that does not want to learn from them.  The kid that always gives me a problem or give the teacher a problem for not wanting to learn.

My story reminded me of a couple of different articles we did in this class. When I first started to read this article it reminded me of Rodriguez and Collier articles.  In the Kohl article he stated that "his own fear of trying to learn English or his failure to do so".  This reminds me of my service learning as well.  Sometimes I feel that my students feel no one tries hard enough for them to understand them and help them learn.  They don't let them do anything but testing material.

My story reminds me of Okaes as well.  Jennie Oaks states about tracking kids.  My kids don't want to take the test so some might not want to take the test seriously so they will not pass the test.  All my kids do is learn for the test and they do not want to earn for the test.  They want to learn stuff that will help them.

My kids want to understand the material but they just can't.  They want to learn from us but it is hard when no one explain the material to them well.  Student want to learn what will help them in the real world not what will help them to pass the test.

I WON'T LEARN FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!